Human Resources Policies

Company in the realization of objectives while determining factor as people believe to our human resources policy as "People first" try to create as well.

In this context to our basic policy of human resources, opportunities and contribute to the system and applications for staff development, their motivations, together with job satisfaction and happiness to increase productivity.

Main Objectives

  • Open to change and innovation
  • Learning and continuous self-development efforts indicating
  • Team spirit and "we consciousness" while acting in near of the personal performance with reflecting the company's performance for capture an employee profile and company in general "Total Quality Management" in life is to spend.
  • Employees to strengthen their emotions of belonging, provided them with development opportunities, based to performance for wages and career opportunities as improve facilities in line with the company.

Our values

"People First" in the approach of context.

  • Respect for the dignity of employees, trust them, appreciate and share success.
  • Attach employees' importance to confidentiality of personal information.
  • Employees' with health and safety, emphasize for environmental health issues.

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